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  • Charles Chamness

    Charles Chamness


  • Gregg Dykstra

    Gregg Dykstra


  • Neil Alldredge

    Neil Alldredge

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

  • Jimi Grande

    Jimi Grande

    Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

  • Kristen Spriggs

    Kristen Spriggs

    Senior Vice President, Member Development

  • Audra Carrel

    Audra Carrel

    Vice President, Marketing & Technology

  • Robert Detlefsen

    Robert Detlefsen

    Vice President, Research

  • Catherine Imus

    Catherine Imus

    Vice President, Public Affairs

  • David Middleton

    David Middleton

    Vice President, Finance

  • Terry Suttner

    Terry Suttner

    Vice President, Membership

  • Michael Ulmer

    Michael Ulmer

    Vice President, Operations

Joe  Thesing

Joe Thesing
Vice President - State Affairs

Joe  Thesing

Joe Thesing is the Vice President of State Affairs at the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC). He oversees the association’s 50-state legislative program. Under Joe’s guidance, the state affairs directors lead NAMIC’s continuing efforts to affect change in the states by working in collaboration with state insurance trade associations – a core principle of NAMIC’s advocacy philosophy.

Joe works with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, and other national policy organizations on key, high-priority issues.

Joe has been with NAMIC since 2002 and has led high-priority legislative and regulatory efforts throughout the country.

Joe conducts seminars on grassroots advocacy and has authored papers and other publications on the growth of municipal accident response fees, self-audit privilege for insurance companies, and lawsuit lending.

Previous to joining NAMIC, Joe was Deputy Director of Legislative Services at the Ohio School Boards Association and also served as a program director at the U.S. Department of Justice under Attorney General Janet Reno. He started his professional career at the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Joe has a bachelor’s degree in history from Ohio University.

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