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    Charles Chamness


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    Gregg Dykstra


  • Neil Alldredge

    Neil Alldredge

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

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    Jimi Grande

    Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

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    Catherine Imus

    Vice President, Public Affairs

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    David Middleton

    Vice President, Finance

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    Michael Ulmer

    Vice President, Operations

Gregg  Dykstra

Gregg Dykstra
COO/General Counsel

Gregg  Dykstra

Gregg A. Dykstra is chief operating officer and general counsel. He has been with the association since 1997 and his areas of responsibility presently include association legal matters and oversight of the departments of human resources, office technology, administrative services, and accounting/finance. Gregg is also responsible to oversee the strategic and annual business planning for NAMIC.

Gregg is the author of three publications dealing with mutual governance issues: a NAMIC White Paper – Meeting Challenges and Exceeding Expectations in Corporate Governance; and two Governance Resource Papers – Financial Literacy and Mutual Insurance Company Proxy Practice. He contributes content to the NAMIC Online Corporate Governance Resource Center. Gregg holds degrees in Economics and Law.

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