Farm Mutual Director Certification Maintenance

Maintaining Your Certification

Once certified, FMDCs must pay the active participant fee every year and attend four different courses every two years to maintain an active, certified status. Courses may come from any module. As soon as the fourth course is completed in the current maintenance period, the expiration date will extend to two years from that date.

Grace Period

Active, certified directors who believe they will not complete their four hours of maintenance coursework within the expected two-year time frame, or whose maintenance has lapsed by less than 12 months, may contact to request a one-year grace period free of charge. Each person is allowed a maximum of two grace periods throughout the life of his/her certification.

Suspended Status

If a certified participant does not complete the required four continuing education courses within the maintenance period allotted, their status will be changed to suspended and the director will need to re-enroll and complete the necessary course work to become certified. In addition, program participants, certified or pursuing certification, whose annual active participant fees have not been paid by the due date stated on the invoice will also have their status changed to suspended and NAMIC will no longer track their coursework. In order to be removed from suspended status, please complete this Reinstatement Form and email to Once the form has been processed and approved, you will receive an updated transcript and your status will be returned to active.


Lauren Holdcroft
Certification & Customized Programs Manager