Farm Mutual Director Certification Intent to Conduct Process


Enhance the educational content at your next event or meeting by offering courses for FMDC credit. Conducting courses locally provides convenience and cost-savings to your directors, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. SELECT COURSES. When selecting courses, please remember that individuals working towards the FMDC program must complete four courses per module, two core (required) and two electives. FMDC-certified individuals may attend FMDC courses from any module for maintenance credit.
    • Please refer to the FMDC Catalog for learning objectives that need to be met for each core course as well as the list of topics that can be used as elective courses.
    • If you need information regarding courses already completed by your target audience, past courses offered, or pre-approved speakers, please email
  2. SUBMIT YOUR INTENT TO CONDUCT FORM. Once you’ve determined which courses you’d like to offer, you will need to submit an Intent to Conduct form with $150 fee.
    • Intent to Conduct Form – In-Person Event
      Note: For elective courses, a speaker bio and course outline demonstrating how the session falls within its elective topic must accompany the form. For core courses, please submit the speaker bio with the form and copy of the PowerPoint presentation (PDF is acceptable) at least one week before your event for review of learning objectives. If a speaker has already been approved for the course(s) he/she will be presenting at your event, the above requirements do not apply.
  1. HOLD FMDC COURSES AT YOUR EVENT. Once the Intent to Conduct form has been approved, you will receive via email a copy of the approval, a current marketing list (if applicable), an application link for new FMDC enrollees and a sign-in sheet for each course being offered. Once your event is held, simply email the completed sign-in sheet(s) to and all qualifying individuals will be given credit.


Lauren Holdcroft
Certification Manager