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Indianapolis Office
3601 Vincennes Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Washington, D.C. Office
20 F Street NW
Suite 510
Washington, DC 20001

Use 317.875.5250 for all contacts unless noted otherwise below.


Charles Chamness
President & CEO
317.875.5250 x1071

Gregg Dykstra
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel
317.875.5250 x1009

Shannon Ollikainen
Executive Assistant
317.876.4301 x1069

Corporate Affairs

Neil Alldredge
Senior Vice President — Corporate Affairs
317.875.5250 x1103

Geoff Baker
Director of Compliance

Angela Stackhouse
Compliance Analyst
317.876.4228 x1028

Sarah Schnettler
Director — Corporate Affairs
317.875.5250 x1058


Lisa Hassett
Assistant Controller
317.875.5250 x1005

Andy Knoblauch
Senior Staff Accountant
317.875.5250 x1036

David Middleton
Vice President — Finance
317.875.5250 x1008

Gloria Mourning
Staff Accountant
317.875.5250 x1111

Kimberly Roti
317.875.5250 x1126

Government Affairs

Jon Bergner
Assistant Vice President — Federal Affairs

Debra Chrisney
Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Erin Collins
Assistant Vice President of State Affairs
317.875.5250 x1304

Kristin Eichhorn
Director of Operations — Government Affairs

Quincy Enoch
Federal Affairs Director

Patrick Finnegan
Federal Affairs Manager
202.580.6753 x1210

Jimi Grande
Senior Vice President — Government Affairs

Julie Harrison
State Affairs Manager
317.875.5250 x1066

Andrew Huff
Federal Affairs Director

Mark Johnston
Regional Vice President — Midwest

Tom Karol
General Counsel — Federal

Andrew Kirkner
Regional Vice President — Ohio Valley/Mid-Atlantic

Andrew Malin
Federal Affairs Coordinator
202.580.6753 x1214

Paul Martin
Regional Vice President — Southwest

Caroline Moore
Political Affairs Coordinator

Cate Paolino
Regional Vice President — Northeast

Andrew Pauley
Government Affairs Counsel
202.628.1558 x1303

Holly Pitt Young
Political Affairs Director
202-580-6740 x1207

Christian Rataj
Senior Regional Vice President — Western Region

Liz Reynolds
Regional Vice President — Southeast
904.379.4896 (office)
317.417.5618 (mobile)

Jonathan Rodgers
Financial Regulation Manager
317.875.5250 x1006

Michelle Rogers
Assistant Vice President — International & Regulatory Affairs
317.875.5250 x1070

Paul Tetrault
State and Policy Affairs Counsel

Marketing & Technology

Audra Carrel
Vice President — Marketing & Technology
317.875.5250 x1065

Cori Chase
Marketing & Technology Admin
317.875.5250 x1130

Scott Freeman
Production Artist
317.875.5250 x1129

Nicole Gilles
Digital Media Manager
317.875.5250 x1085

Nathan Kauffman
Junior Business Analyst
317.875.5250 x1125

Reeda Kindred
Business Analyst
317.875.5250 x1032

Steve Larracey
Digital Media Specialist
317.875.5250 x1052

Gahrrett Middleton
Digital Media Specialist
317.875.5250 x1080

Vernon Perry
Digital Media Specialist
317.875.5250 x1142

Jennifer Smith
Creative Director
317.875.5250 x1060

Applications Development

Ken Fussner
Senior Software Engineer
317.875.5250 x1035

Daniel Oliver
Junior Software Engineer
317.875.5250 x1019

David Zielinski
Software Engineer
317.875.5250 x1000


Terry Suttner
Vice President — Membership
317.875.5250 x1100

Member Development

Julie Bacher
Events Customer Service Coordinator
317.875.5250 x1079

R. Larry Baile, CAE
Assistant Vice President — Convention & Association Services
317.875.5250 x1018

Taylor Blankenship
Meeting Coordinator
317.875.5250 x1056

Molly Cummings
Sponsorship Coordinator
317.875.5250 x1140

Jessica Glascock
Registration & Housing Coordinator
317.875.5250 x1139

Christy Hall
Meeting Manager
317.875.5250 x1082

Crista Hassett
Assistant Vice President — Event Operations
317.875.5250 x1007

Jo Harvey
Sponsorship Development Specialist
317.875.5250 x1105

Lauren Holdcroft
Certification Manager
317.875.5250 x1102

Stacy Johnson
Sponsorship & Exhibit Coordinator
317.875.5250 x1027

Aaron Lifford
Manager — Sponsorship & Advertising
317.875.5250 x1055

Molly DiGiammarino
Assistant Meeting Manager
317.875.5250 x1118

Susan Morgan
Project Coordinator
317.875.5250 x1057

Emily Ruch
Executive Assistant
317.875.5250 x1099

Brian Snyder
Marketing Manager — Products / Services
317.875.5250 x1134

Kristen L. Spriggs
Senior Vice President — Member Development
317.875.5250 x1034

Amy Thornburg
Director — Sponsorships & Exhibits
317.875.5250 x1026

Jen Virden
Registration & Meeting Coordinator
3317.875.5250 x1136

Mackenzie Westgate
Meeting Coordinator
317.875.5250 x1146


M. Denise Verona
Arbitration Program Administrator
317.875.5250 x1062


Krista Baber
Association Services Coordinator
317.875.5250 x1106

Kristy Damon
Accounting & Billing Specialist
317.875.5250 x1093

Michaela Harris
Association Services Communication Coordinator
317.875.5250 x 1003

Gigi Houston
Employee Benefits Manager
317.875.5250 x1014

Tonya Suits
Association Services Director
317.875.5250 x1017

Michael Ulmer
Vice President — Operations
317.875.5250 x1016


Afzad Baux
Building & Grounds Associate
317.875.5250 x1015

Stephen Ott
Building & Technology Director
317.875.5250 x1001

Matt Wilson
IT Support
317.875.5250 x1004

Human Resources

Jennifer Mitchell
Human Resources Manager
317.876.4222 x1022

Connie White
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
317.875.5250 x1000

Public Affairs

Lauren Anderson
Communications & Media Relations Specialist
317.875.5250 x1054

Matt Brady
Senior Director — Media and Federal Advocacy Communications

Lisa Floreancig
State Public Affairs Director
317.875.5250 x1046

Catherine Imus
Vice President — Public Affairs
317.875.5250 x1049

Lindsay Robison
Public Affairs Writer/Managing Editor IN Magazine
317.875.5250 x1023

NAMIC Insurance Co., Inc.

Lenora Adams
Sr. Executive Assistant
317.875.5250 x1050

Lori Burton
Underwriting Assistant
317.875.5250 x1094

Misty Burton
Underwriter II
Professional Liability
317.875.5250 x1090

Ted Doughman
Vice President — Underwriting
Chief Underwriting Officer
317.875.5250 x1132

Jenn Hamilton
Vice President
Claims and Chief Claims Officer
317.876.4309 x1109

Shawn Heavner
Director — Finance
317.875.5250 x 1002

Tom Kaehr
317.875.5250 x1108

Sujan Pradhan
Software Engineer
317.875.5250 x1037

Laura Linstrum
Underwriter I
Professional Liability
317.875.5250 x1101

Lisa Sladek
Vice President — Compliance and Product Development
317.875.5250 x1089

Brian Stanek
Vice President — Information Technology
317.875.5250 x1110

Tim Sullivan
317.875.5250 x1088

Patrick Wruble
Senior Litigation Examiner
317.875.5250 x1012

Margaret Young
Underwriter I
Professional Liability
317.875.5250 x1086

NAMIC Insurance Agency

Jeff Autrey
Customer Service Representative
317.875.5250 x1147

Lori Holmes
Assistant Customer Service Representative
317.875.5250 x1131

Alison Housden
Senior Customer Service Representative
317.875.5250 x1020

Lynette LaFollette
Customer Service Representative
317.875.5250 x1024

Karen Moore
Senior Customer Service Representative
317.875.5250 x1029

Kristen Strasser
NIA Account Manager
317.875.5250 x1033

Dawn Walker
Insurance Services Assistant
317.875.5250 x1047

Sam Watts
Director of Operations
317.875.5250 x1133


Connie White
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant