NAMIC Compensation Survey

The results are in! We are pleased to announce that more than 130 companies participated in the 2017 Property/Casualty Compensation Survey.

NAMIC partnered with Ward Group, a part of Aon Hewitt, to conduct the Property/Casualty Compensation Survey. Ward Group, a business unit of Aon plc, is the leading provider of benchmarking services for property/casualty insurance companies.


The ability to understand your competitive pay market is key to ensuring that your company’s pay is aligned with performance. With the Ward Group’s survey, participants can leverage pay data covering more than 1,500 roles ranging from executive positions down to entry-level support roles, with data broken out by geographic region, company size, and company type (mutual versus non-mutual).

Results can be combined with the company's operational and financial benchmarks to help companies assess their pay levels; understand compensation relative to performance; and develop competitive compensation plans. Participants can also compare their compensation practices against customized benchmark groups, including top industry performers.

Background and Timeline

Survey coverage includes competitive benchmark compensation data for property/casualty insurance positions as well as infrastructure positions that support the insurance business. Pay data elements include:

  • Prior year and current year base salary

  • Target and actual annual cash incentive

  • Target and actual total cash

  • Long-term/deferred awards

  • Total compensation


If you would like to purchase the 2017 non-customized survey results contact Ward Group. If you would like to see who participated in the 2017 survey you can download the pdf list of participants.


Survey Participant
NAMIC Members (Premium greater than $50M)$1,575
NAMIC Members (Premium up to $50M)$850
Non-NAMIC Member Participation Fee:$1,900
Survey Non-Participant committing to 2018 survey (NAMIC Members Only)
NAMIC Members, Premium greater than $50M$2,400 now*, additional $750 in 2018
NAMIC Members, Premium up to $50M$1,275 now*, additional $425 in 2018
Survey Non-Participant NOT committing to 2018 survey (NAMIC Members Only)
2016 results$2,650
*Includes the purchase of the 2017 results + half down payment for 2018 survey commitment and results purchase


For specific questions relating to the survey, please contact Kaitlyn Isley with Ward Group at (203) 602-1202 or

For general survey questions, please contact NAMIC at or call (317) 875-5250.

Check out the 411 Webinar (approximately 45 min.) from September 13, to learn more about the survey results and the trends currently impacting insurance industry compensation:


Susan Morgan
Project Coordinator



Kristen Spriggs
Senior Vice President - Member Development