NAMIC Joins DOT's Call to Action on Auto Safety

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies announced today that it is answering the Department of Transportation’s Call to Action to make the nation’s roadways safer and reduce roadway fatalities.

“Mutual insurance companies have been at the forefront of the fight for auto safety for decades, from requiring seat belts to pressing for greater safety in automated vehicles,” said Jimi Grande, senior vice president of federal and political affairs for NAMIC. “By working together with stakeholders across the transportation sector, we can make our roads safer and eliminate roadway fatalities.”

The department’s Call to Action campaign asks stakeholders to take specific actions to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on America’s roads. For its part, NAMIC is committed to advocating for smarter and safer auto safety legislation and regulations at the state and federal levels and supporting motor vehicle research and the critical work of auto safety advocate groups. NAMIC also will partner with federal, state, and local insurance, vehicle, and traffic regulators as well as related law enforcement bodies to better identify and reduce risky driving behavior to better protect policyholders.

“Eliminating road fatalities is a daunting challenge – even as people drove less during the pandemic, severe accidents and fatalities increased – but by combining our knowledge and efforts, it’s a goal we can accomplish,” Grande said.

Article Posted: 02.28.23
Last Updated: 02.28.23


Matt Brady
Senior Director of Advocacy Communications