COVID-19 Workers Compensation Rule Repealed

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission’s controversial emergency rule has been repealed.  The rule created an automatic presumption that any front-line worker diagnosed with COVID-19 contracted the illness at the workplace, even if they are working remotely or currently not on the job.

The business community, led by the Illinois Manufacturers Association and the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, filed a lawsuit April 22 in response.

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies joined the American Property and Casualty Insurance Association in filing an amicus brief.

“NAMIC is happy to see that the Workers’ Compensation Commission withdrew the expansive emergency rule it adopted two weeks ago,” Andrew Perkins, NAMIC regional vice president  – Great Lakes. “The emergency rule was an overreach, both procedurally and legally, and the revocation of the rule was in the best interest to ensure a fair process and help employers around the state.”

Article Posted: 04.27.20
Last Updated: 04.27.20


Andrew Perkins
Regional Vice President - Great Lakes