Property/Casualty Insurance Industry Responds to Lawmakers on COVID-19, Business Interruption

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies joined with other members of the property/casualty insurance industry to respond to concerns raised by members of California’s congressional delegation over COVID-19 and the exclusions for viruses and pandemics in standard commercial business interruption insurance policies.

In a letter, the group shared concerns for the impact the pandemic has had on the economy and on small businesses across the country, including insurers, as restrictions have been imposed to stop transmission of the virus.

“We understand that lawmakers and authorities at every level of government are looking for solutions to this crisis, and insurers are looking for ways we can help Americans without putting policyholders at further risk,” said Jimi Grande, senior vice president of government affairs for NAMIC. “Insurance companies are doing all they can to help those affected by the pandemic, such as increasing flexibility on premium payments and claims, and we will continue to be there as we enter the season for wildfires, tornados, and hurricanes. But no insurance company, no industry can cover the cost this pandemic has inflicted on millions of businesses and our economy.”

Article Posted: 04.03.20
Last Updated: 04.03.20


Matt Brady
Senior Director of Advocacy Communications