NAMIC's Farm Mutual Conference Names Its 2013-2014 Board of Directors

NAMIC's Farm Mutual Conference Names Its 2012-2013 Board of Directors

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies has announced the board of directors of its Farm Mutual Conference for 2013-2014 during the conferences Annual Business Meeting at NAMIC's 118th Annual Convention in Seattle, Wash.

Directors serve three-year terms and four times a year. The following individuals were named as directors to the board:

Justin Lear, PFMM, CEO
Farmers Mutual Insurance Co.
Ellinwood, Kan.

Paul Stueven, PFMM, Manager /Treasurer
Fairmont Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
Fairmont, Minn.

Immediate Past Chairman
Rich Schumacher, PFMM, President/Treasurer/CEO
Century Mutual Insurance Assoc.
Hartley, Iowa

Vice Chairman
Brian Taylor, PFMM, President & CEO
Municipal Mutual Insurance Company
Wellsburg, W. Va.

Amy Johnson, PFMM, Manager
Steele Traill County Mutual Insurance Company
Finley, N.D.

Doug Steele, CIC, PFMM, General Manager
Farmers Home Insurance Company of Knox County
Vincennes, Ind.

Rusty Frisinger, PFMM, General Manager
Washington County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Fayetteville, Ark.

Scott Krum, PFMM, General Manager
McMillan Warner Mutual Insurance Company
Marshfield, Wis.

Eric Schmader, PFMM, CFO & Treasurer
Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Marble, PA
Marble, Pa.

Connie Costigan, PFMM, President
CFM Insurance, Inc.
Concordia, Mo.

Dan DeArment, PFMM, President & CEO
Friends Cove Mutual Insurance Company
Bedford, Pa.

Mary Stoican, PFMM, Manager/Treasurer
Fergus Farm Mutual Insurance Association
Lewistown, Mont.

Tricia Mickley, CPA, PFMM
Mount Carroll Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Mount Carroll, Ill.

The FMC board manages all conference activities and educational seminars.