Merit Award

Many individuals within our industry strive to complete rigorous training programs, professional development and other opportunities for learning, service and contributions related to their chosen profession. These are pursued within NAMIC, state/provincial associations, or through other industry education providers or educational institutions. Those dedicated to this path often obtain high levels of education and training and are considered well-prepared for the daily activities as leaders and business professionals. As a leading industry association, NAMIC recognizes these individuals for their effort, accomplishments and serious commitment to professional development and learning.

The NAMIC Merit Award is a premier opportunity for individuals to receive recognition for their achievements. The award is designed to encourage professionalism and individual development of persons associated with NAMIC member companies. Through an application process including a detailed review of experience and education, persons in the insurance industry can apply for this distinctive recognition.

NAMIC Merit Award

Application Deadline is July 31. All applications received after this time will be placed in a queue to be given at the following year’s Convention.

The Award application process is as follows:

  • Individuals in the insurance industry, NAMIC members/non-members alike, complete the NAMIC Merit Award application.

  • Completed applications are sent via mail or email to (applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of the application):

    Tonya Suits
    3601 Vincennes Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46268
  • Once reviewed, applicants will be notified of the determination of their application (acceptance if requirements have been met; explanation of unmet requirements if not accepted at this time).

  • Qualified recipients will be recognized at the NAMIC Annual Convention

NAMIC Merit Society

Once an individual has received the NAMIC Merit Award, they can become a respected member of the NAMIC Merit Society. The NAMIC Merit Society is comprised of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to life-long education, professional development and service and who are recipients of the NAMIC Merit Award. To become a member of the Society, award recipients need only submit nominal annual dues to receive a quarterly newsletter, participate in Society events or ongoing learning (webinars), and attend special Society meetings. The NAMIC Merit Society meets annually at the NAMIC Annual Convention for recognition of new award recipients, networking and the opportunity to hear engaging guest speakers. This provides the Society the opportunity to welcome potential new members and encourage on-going professional development.

Society Memberships

Membership is described and defined in the Society bylaws and is for individuals who have received the NAMIC Merit Award and meet other requirements/qualifications for membership. The requirements are supervised by the Society Board of Directors.

Section I: Types of Members who have received a Merit Award

  1. Regular Members – any individual who is employed by a NAMIC member company, a state insurance trade association, or is a NAMIC employee. Regular Members may vote on membership matters and may serve on the Society Board and/or committees.

  2. Associate Members – any individual who is not currently employed by a NAMIC member company, a state insurance trade association, or by NAMIC. Retirees who desire to continue as Society members would be one type of associate members. Associate Members may serve on Society committees but are not entitled to vote on membership matters or serve on the Society Board.

  3. Honorary Members – any individual who is associated with the insurance industry and who otherwise meet special requirements/qualifications administered by the Society Board. Members of academia, insurance policy specialists, authors or columnists are examples of possible honorary members. Honorary Members are not required to pay dues and may serve on Society committees but are not entitled to vote on membership matters or serve on the Society Board.


Tonya Suits
Director, Association Services