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Stronger, safer buildings for Americans can save lives and reduce loss, thereby reducing the need for public disaster aid. NAMIC supports state and federal legislation that encourages the adoption and enforcement of strong building codes. NAMIC and the BuildStrong Coalition support the creation of a separate, federal financial incentive for states that adopt and enforce statewide building codes. Legislation promising greater post-event aid for those states with strong building codes can serve as a powerful incentive to state governments.

NAMIC Testimony on Building Codes

NAMIC Member Testifies at Senate Hearing for Safer Building Codes (5/8/13)

Maryland: HB 769, Building Codes Legislation (2/22/13; Erin Collins)

A Review of Building Codes and Mitigation Efforts to Help Minimize the Costs Associated with Natural Disasters (07/24/12; Rod Matthews)

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Video Summaries

Support the Safe Building Code Incentive Act
In this video from the BuildStrong Coalition, see how the costs of natural disaster have increased in recent years, and why the Safe Building Code Incentive Act would help save lives while reducing losses and the need for taxpayer-funded disaster aid.

Key Lawmakers Tour IBHS Facility and Discuss Importance of Building Codes
A congressional delegation, led by House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster, R-Pa., visited the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety on Nov. 12 for a roundtable discussion on building codes hosted by the BuildStrong Coalition. Members of the delegation toured the state of the art facility and were given a demonstration of its ability to recreate extreme weather conditions. Earlier that day, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley also toured facility and met with IBHS staff. Afterwards she voiced support for the Safe Building Code Incentive Act, one of BuildStrong and NAMIC’s top legislative priorities in Washington.

Inaugural Test Demo by NAMIC-Supported Research Center
Stronger buildings can save lives and reduce property losses, as demonstrated in this video taken at the new Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) Research Center in South Carolina. It is a tangible demonstration of the property insurance industry’s commitment to reducing losses that disrupt the lives of millions of home and business owners each year. IBHS’ scientific research will influence residential and commercial structural design and construction for decades to come. NAMIC is proud to be a financial supporter of the center and its research. (Video courtesy of IBHS)

Hearing on FEMA Reauthorization Act, including remarks on the Safe Building Code Incentive Act
At a hearing by the U.S. House of Representatives’ Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on October 29, 2013, Rep. Jeff Denham offered the language of the Safe Building Code Incentive Act as an amendment to the 2013 FEMA Reauthorization Act. The building code act received bipartisan accolades during the hearing from members of the committee, including Reps. Shuster, Barletta, Carson, Sires, and Esty.

Hearing for Safer Building Codes (Complete Testimony | Highlights)
A NAMIC member is urging Congress to create financial incentives for states to adopt and enforce statewide model building codes to prevent losses from natural disasters, save lives, and reduce the need for taxpayer-funded disaster aid. The testimony occurred on Wednesday, May 8 before a Senate subcommittee hearing on disaster preparedness. Read the written testimony >>

Hearing on Building Codes & Disaster Mitigation
Rod Matthews, vice president of P&C Operations at State Farm Insurance Companies, appeared before a House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee hearing on July 24th is support of H.R. 2069, the Safe Building Code Incentive Act.
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