NAMIC Testimony 2012 Archive

NAIC's Public Hearing on Catastrophe Claims (12/02/12; Paul Tetrault)

Maryland: Bulletin 12-24 (11/06/12; Erin Collins)

Kansas: Amendments to the Insurance Holding Company Act (10/18/12; Mark Johnston)

“Revised” Proposed OIC Rule 2011-17, Proposed Regulation on Rate Stability Rules (09/25/12; Christian Rataj)

TRIA at Ten Years: The Future of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program (9/11/12; Darwin Copeman)

H.R. 3889, the “Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade, and Sales Act” (08/01/12; W. Neal Menefee)

Letter in Support of Senate Bill 2524 – School Bus Insurance (07/31/12; Mark Johnston)

Dodd-Frank: The Cost to Insurance Consumers and Investments in Business and the Economy (07/24/12; Chuck Chamness)

A Review of Building Codes and Mitigation Efforts to Help Minimize the Costs Associated with Natural Disasters (07/24/12; Rod Matthews)

Proposed Work Plan for Auto Insurance Study (C/D) Working Group (07/10/12; Robert Detlefsen)

Certificates of Insurance/MDOT (06/26/12; Erin Collins)

Proposed Updates to the Financial Condition Examiners Handbook (06/25/12; Robert Detlefsen)

Retroactive Cancellation of an Auto Insurance Policy (06/19/12; Paul Tetrault)

An Act Concerning Insurance Fraud (06/18/12; Paul Tetrault)

Auto Body Shops (06/18/12; Paul Tetrault)

Pit Bull Liability (06/18/12; Erin Collins)

Budget Amendments Relating to Mutual Insurer Governance (05/25/12; Paul Tetrault)

Litigation Lending Agreements (04/03/12; Paul Tetrault)

An Act Relating to Motor and Other Vehicles - Insurance Rates (03/28/12; Paul Tetrault)

An Act Concerning Various Changes to Property and Casualty Insurance (02/28/12; Paul Tetrault)

NAIC Climate Risk Disclosure Survey (02/28/12; Robert Detlefsen)

Flex Rating (02/06/12; Liz Reynolds)

Rate Modernization (01/25/12; Liz Reynolds)

Worker's Compensation: 14-day rule (01/17/12; Paul Tetrault)