Issue Experts

  • Anna  Buhlinger

    Anna Buhlinger

    Federal Affairs Director

  • Brian  Christenberry

    Brian Christenberry

    Regional Vice President – Great Lakes

  • Erin  Collins

    Erin Collins

    Senior Vice President - State and Policy Affairs

  • Tony  Cotto

    Tony Cotto

    Director of Auto and Underwriting Policy

  • Bri  Dahl

    Bri Dahl

    Public Policy Analyst

  • Katherine  Duveneck

    Katherine Duveneck

    Federal Affairs Director

  • Kristin  Eichhorn

    Kristin Eichhorn

    Assistant Vice President – Political Involvement Programs

  • Alex  Gleason

    Alex Gleason

    Assistant Vice President - Federal Affairs

  • Jimi  Grande

    Jimi Grande

    Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs

  • Tom  Karol

    Tom Karol

    General Counsel - Federal

  • Lindsey  Klarkowski

    Lindsey Klarkowski

    Director of Data Science & AI/ML Policy

  • Ross  Lien

    Ross Lien

    Regional Vice President – Midwest

  • Patrick  McCarty

    Patrick McCarty

    Federal Affairs Manager

  • Caitlin  Murray

    Caitlin Murray

    Regional Vice President – Southeast

  • Matt  Overturf

    Matt Overturf

    Regional Vice President – Ohio Valley & Mid Atlantic

  • Cate  Paolino

    Cate Paolino

    Director of Public Policy

  • Christian  Rataj

    Christian Rataj

    Senior Regional Vice President – Western Region

  • Colleen  Scheele

    Colleen Scheele

    Public Policy Counsel, Solvency & Tax Policy

  • Jon  Schnautz

    Jon Schnautz

    Vice President - State Affairs

  • Ward  Tisdale

    Ward Tisdale

    Regional Vice President - Southwest

  • Brandon  Vick

    Brandon Vick

    Regional Vice President – Northwest Region

  • Rory  Whelan

    Rory Whelan

    Regional Vice President – Northeast

Alex Gleason

Alex Gleason
Assistant Vice President - Federal Affairs

Alex Gleason

Alex Gleason serves as assistant vice president for federal and political Affairs at NAMIC, advocating on behalf of NAMIC member companies with lawmakers in the House and Senate as well as relevant federal regulatory agencies on issues related to the property/casualty insurance industry.

Prior to joining NAMIC, Gleason served as a vice president at Crossroads Strategies, providing strategic advice and guidance on engaging with members of Congress and the administration for clients in the financial services, tax, and healthcare industries. During his time at CRS, Alex secured multiple victories for clients on both the legislative and regulatory fronts.

Previously, Gleason was the associate director of legislative affairs at the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions, working with members of the House and Senate on issues facing the credit union industry. He began his professional career on Capitol Hill as a legislative assistant to Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., then-chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee. In this capacity, Gleason served as a policy advisor to Rep. Royce on financial services issues.

 A native of Frankfort, Ill., Gleason was also an intern for former Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio. He earned his undergraduate degree from Western Illinois University.