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Wildfire Risk Assessment for Property Insurance - The Insurance Landscape in a Changing Climate
June 22, 2021

Recent record-breaking wildfire seasons mean insurers are likely facing long-term trends of increasing wildfire activity. Wildfire risk assessment for property insurance is a complex interplay of large-scale data and analytics. Yet, with coordinated research and education comes the potential to mitigate wildfire losses by helping stakeholders stay prepared and informed in a dynamic environment.

How to Quickly Test Full Scale Digital E-Commerce Products in the Market
July 7, 2021

In a fast-changing insurance landscape full of digital insurers and insurtechs, how can mutual insurers test selling their personal and commercial lines products online? During this session, presenters will use an example that allows mutuals to empower their agents and brokers to sell e-commerce-ready insurance products.

Together and Apart - Why Investing for Insurance is Critical to a Company's Long-Term Success
July 8, 2021

Surplus is the lifeblood of an insurance company. For mutual insurance companies, the only way to grow surplus is through underwriting profit and/or investment income.

Through the investment income lens, this session will address why an insurance company’s investment strategy should be integrated with the company’s insurance business strategy. It will also address why insurance company investing is different, along with many key decisions for insurance company investing.

Attendees will gain greater insights on the importance of matching strategies on the asset side and liability side of the balance sheet along with a deeper dive into the asset side of investing.

Medicare’s Strong (and Broad) Recourses, Remedies, and Rights - Understanding Your Risk and Liability
July 13, 2021

No doubt about it, claims payers are in Medicare’s bull’s-eye. Double damages, Section 111’s “$1,000 per day” penalty, U.S. Department of Justice actions, Treasury offsets, attorney liability, and refusal to recognize settlements are just a sampling of Medicare’s substantial enforcement rights under the Medicare Secondary Payer statute. Understanding Medicare’s wide-reaching remedies are critical in building solid MSP compliance practices. During this session, the presenter will break down the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ strong enforcement rights, including when and how they can apply, recent enforcement examples, and what insurance professionals need to consider when building targeted MSP best practices to reduce risk and liability.

It's All Fun and Games Until Your Credit Card Gets Stolen: Video Game Fraud, Identity Theft Insurance, and the Need for Personal Cyber Coverage
July 14, 2021

Homeowners carriers and personal lines carriers with legacy identity theft expense policies need to consider the new and complex emerging risks that impact policyholders and their families. Today’s personal fraud risks are far cries from mail theft and dumpster diving of the early 2000s. One example of just how much life has changed is the exponential growth of video gaming fraud. With 2.6 billion mobile gamers, 1.3 billion PC gamers, and more than 729 million console gamers around the world, if you aren’t playing video games, its certain you someone who is. This session will look at standard homeowners’ legacy identity theft coverages and how they fail to respond to more and more modern risks. Video gaming fraud case studies and trends will be used to reveal the many cracks in and weathering of existing homeowners’ personal fraud/identity theft coverages. Finally, the presenter will talk about how updates to personal cyber policies that cover a broader breadth of personal fraud perils, such as those found in video gaming fraud, can provide added value and protection for policyholders.

Cannabis: Growing Like a Weed
July 19, 2021

Cannabis, better known as marijuana, is still illegal at the federal level, but it is rapidly becoming legal in more and more states. In this webinar we’ll talk about the current state of the cannabis market, the legality of cannabis, and relevant court cases impacting insurance coverages. We’ll also talk about the types of issues an insurer should consider when entering the cannabis space.

FMDC | COVID-19 Update: Lessons Learned from 2020
July 20, 2021

This session qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Management module.

411 Webinar | Nasdaq Boardvantage® Demonstration Session
July 27, 2021

Need a solution to help run board meetings, organize and share materials with directors, and document board activities in a secure online environment? Join Jason Martinez from Nasdaq Boardvantage® for a demonstration of the company’s board portal platform. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about managing your board operations.

Social Inflation in the COVID-19 World
July 27, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our lives to an unprecedented degree. To what extent did the pandemic alter the growing social inflation threat that had been building? Does the industry still face the specter of nuclear verdicts and inflated settlements? Or has COVID-19 introduced a level of rationality and personal responsibility among jurors? Do the root causes of social inflation remain; and if so, to what degree? This session will explore these factors and provide suggestions as to how the industry might navigate its way going forward.

Digital Isn’t at the Gates, It’s Inside the Building - The Burning Platform for Digital Transformation
July 28, 2021

Digital transformation has been a topic of great discussion but little real momentum for some time. Like many incumbent and legacy industries, insurers have struggled to truly transform into a digital-first experience because they’ve considered digitization of only high touch/value points in the journey. Although this transforms the specific “job-to-be-done” at that moment, the piecemeal approach creates a Frankenstein experience oscillated between digital and analog. COVID-19 has forced insurers to look at digitizing the entire customer lifecycle – from prospect to loyal advocate. Every touchpoint for the customer and the employee serving the customer needs a digitized user interface, insight recommendations, and overall workflow modernization. Intersect has spent 15 years breaking down large-scale transformations into prioritized and sequential parts. During this session, attendees will learn how to approach digital transformation now that the analog world is no longer an option.

New Directions in Managing General Agents and Program Markets
July 29, 2021

Managing general agents and program administrators confront new challenges and a rapidly changing landscape arising from market and exogenous forces. During this session, Conning will explore developments and implications for MGAs and PAs of growing private equity investment streams, the rise of MGA aggregators, capacity retrenchment, and program fronting startups.

Adjuster E&O and Bad Faith
August 10, 2021

This session will review issues surrounding claims professionals’ errors and omissions that can lead to bad-faith allegations. This includes analysis of when and how to issue reservation of rights letters, actions that could lead to waiver and estoppel, and how to avoid opening the door for bad-faith accusations.

Insurance State Premium Tax Credits
August 11, 2021

This session will explore insurance state premium tax credits. Tax credits provide a unique opportunity to reduce a company’s state tax burden, increase investment and refund opportunities, and provide goodwill in the state(s) in which they do business. The session will explore insurance state premium tax credits and discuss in detail the operational, investment, certificated, incentive, and goodwill credits available to the industry. The speaker will discuss how to best utilize several specific state tax credits and how companies can calculate their tax credit capacity, usage, and forecast future tax savings.

Mutual Property/Casualty Investing Trends
August 12, 2021

2020 was an unprecedented and unexpected year for the investment markets and while insurance companies were well positioned, their investment portfolios were not entirely immune to last year’s events. During this webinar, the presenters will examine investment trends by mutual property/casualty companies and, utilizing Macquarie’s risk framework and investment outlook, identify hidden risks and opportunities within these portfolios. During this discussion, the presenters will provide a deep dive on the differences between large and small mutual property/casualty investment portfolios and also discuss the major differences between mutual and non-mutual portfolios.

Workers’ Compensation Filings and the Regulatory Environment
August 17, 2021

This webinar will provide an overview of the initial filing process and bureau maintenance requirements for workers’ compensation. We’ll also discuss the regulatory environment for workers’ comp, how workers’ comp differs from other property/casualty insurance lines, and workers’ comp trends heading into the new year. This webinar is intended for companies interested in establishing and/or maintaining a workers’ comp program.

When and How to Incorporate Virtual Inspection Tools in your Underwriting Process to Ensure Data Accuracy
August 17, 2021

During the COVID-19 lockdown, collecting key underwriting data for commercial properties became a big challenge. Many limitations have changed the dynamics and are shifting the way insurers are willing to interact with each other, their customers, and their partners. Insurers have had to rethink the way they operate to continue to serve their customers while also collecting the key data they need to make timely decisions without disrupting or risking their underwriting results. During this session, attendees will learn about the consequences of this challenging situation and the limiting factors to collecting data. They will learn about the shifts in demand behavior and how to ensure data quality and accuracy in a world of virtual surveys. Finally, they will learn which risks are better suited for this method and why.

Cyber Claims - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
August 18, 2021

A panel of cyber claims experts will discuss trends in cyber claims and provide war stories about some of the more unique or unusual claims they have seen. They will also discuss the best ways to mitigate cyber claims and talk about where to find appropriate cyber insurance coverage. To make the session fun and interactive, the audience will get the chance to submit their own real or hypothetical cyber claims stories to see how the panel would handle them from incident-response and insurance-coverage standpoints.

FMDC | How to Adapt and Grow a Small Mutual in Today’s Insurance Climate
August 19, 2021

This session qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Operations & Insurance module.

Shifts in Property/Casualty Distribution, Implications and Approach to Effectiveness
August 24, 2021

There are new constructs emerging in property/casualty distribution in personal lines and small commercial. Market competitiveness is pushing the boundaries of traditional direct and agency distribution approaches, and leading incumbents are making strategic moves toward broadening and deepening strategies. This session will set up the list of market factors creating conditions for the shift, evaluate multiple distribution archetypes and their inherent strengths/challenges, and show how a distribution effectiveness framework can be used to push ahead in enabling strategic action.

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Today’s Cyber Insurers
August 25, 2021

Insurers face significant challenges related to writing and managing cyber risk. The relentless pace of new cyber threats combined with a lack of access to industry-wide cyber exposure information has made day-to-day effectiveness and long-term profitability seem daunting. Insurers are left with fundamental challenges about how to execute and sustain a successful cyber program. This session will help insurers understand the challenges they face and equip them with best practices to more effectively and efficiently operationalize and deliver customer-focused cyber solutions. Attendees will be able to relate the information learned to their own practices to determine if they are caught up. They will also learn how to consider infusing best practices to improve their program management and underwriting strategies.

The Real Stories of Commercial Lines: What Happens When Your Business is Hit with a Cyber Threat and Your Policy Does Not Cover It
August 26, 2021

Policyholders and facing a multitude of threats – faulty wire transfers, social engineering, and phishing and ransomware attacks What are the real-life scenarios for businesses when their policies are not in line with the cyber trends? Join this session to find out.

Personal Lines Cyber
August 31, 2021

The past few years have seen an expansion of cyber products in the personal lines market. This session will focus on the “why” behind personal lines cyber insurance by not only outlining the products available, but more importantly, focusing on the need for these protections.

EY’s Next Gen Claims: The Future Auto Physical Damage Claims Process
September 1, 2021

The auto insurance claims process is seeing unprecedented disruption, and the way insurers are handling these types of claims is changing rapidly. Customer demand for a simpler, more efficient claims process is increasing. Consumers are coming to expect a higher level of customized service and are willing to share what was once deemed to be private information to get it. So the need to develop remote/virtual solutions is critical. Through extensive research of emerging technology and a focus on auto physical damage handling, this session takes a deep look into what the auto claims process of the future may look like. The presenters will walk attendees through two use cases that encompass a journey that is not yet being executed in the industry, but may be coming soon. The use-case journeys will highlight how critical points in the claims process of the future may look from the insurer and the customer perspectives.

Equities in a Post-COVID World
September 7, 2021

Large technology stocks were dominant in 2020. But by year end, equity markets were positive, even when excluding them. As vaccine distribution continues, many market observers suggest the worst economic damage from the pandemic may be behind us. During this session, Conning’s Don Townswick will discuss opportunities in high-quality, strong-balance-sheet companies that have begun to rally and have continued to successfully execute in the current environment of uncertainty.

Where Traditional and Digital Distribution Collides
September 8, 2021

How can carriers continue to leverage the largest distributor of commercial lines in the industry – independent agents – while still moving to the digital future? During this session, experts will discuss the evolution of automation and how it's supporting digital distribution. They will provide insights on what agents/brokers are looking for from their insurer partners and how they can leverage new technologies to support the faster, data-driven service consumers now expect. Attendees will also hear about real-world accounts from customers leveraging these new automated technologies.

FMDC | Financial Boot Camp for Directors of Farm Mutuals
September 16, 2021

This session qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Finance & Accounting module.

Insights and Outlooks on Flood
October 5, 2021

Recent years have set a new standard in flood frequency and severity in the United States. These unpredictable events highlight the need for your clients and policyholders to have effective flood coverage that mitigates risk and builds stronger resiliency to severe weather.

The Second Sale: Maximizing the Agent-Underwriter Relationship
October 6, 2021

This engaging session will explore the agent-underwriter dynamic by shining a light on both roles in today’s market, including the realities each face. Attendees will discover the factors influencing decision-making and share ideas for creating more efficient and effective communication, all with the goal of creating mutually beneficial business relationships and driving business outcomes.

Best Practices for Regulatory Compliance and Common Filing Pitfalls
October 12, 2021

This webinar will provide an overview of the initial filing process and bureau maintenance requirements for workers’ compensation. We’ll also discuss the regulatory environment for workers’ comp, how workers’ comp differs from other property/casualty insurance lines, and workers’ comp trends heading into the new year. This webinar is intended for companies interested in establishing and/or maintaining a workers’ comp program.

Harness the Power of IoT to Prevent Business Interruptions and Protect Understaffed Facilities
October 19, 2021

Businesses are facing new, challenging changes in the ways they operate. Building operators are managing facilities that are often empty, partially occupied, or running on skeleton crews. In uncertain times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, many are turning to technology to help keep their businesses operational. Through continuous monitoring and actionable information, the internet of things can be another tool in the arsenal to mitigate business risks and disruptions, help reduce claims and, give you a competitive edge.

FMDC | The Board’s Role in Planning for and Executing a Leadership Change
October 21, 2021

This session qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Management module.

The State of Agency-Insurer Connectivity 2021
October 26, 2021

Each year, IVANS surveys agencies and insurers across North America to determine the state of connectivity across the distribution channel. The resulting annual report provides insights into overall digital technology adoption and reveals how well agencies’ and insurers’ business priorities are aligned to increase connectivity and collaboration for new and renewal business. This session’s attendees will be among the first to hear findings from the 2021 survey.

Claims, Metadata and its Critical Impact on Claim Investigation, Claim Analysis, and Litigation
October 27, 2021

Understanding the availability of metadata/digital information and how it might be used during claims investigations/analysis and ultimate claims decisions are critical pieces of knowledge for today's claims professionals. Collecting that information and properly securing and documenting it are essential to ensure the metadata/digital information can be used at trial.

Workplace Violence - Trends and Solutions
November 2, 2021

One out of five occupational fatalities is attributed to workplace violence. One in seven Americans don't feel safe at work. Two million workers report being victims of workplace violence each year. Americans miss 1.8 million days of work each year. Our customers rely on us to protect them. During this session, attendees will learn about current coverages and services carriers can bring their customers in an efficient easy-to-understand manner. They will also hear how carriers are using various coverage and service solutions to address this increasingly troublesome exposure.

Virtual Audits – Best Practices for the Future of Premium Audit
November 16, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many premium audit departments to increase the number of virtual audits because they follow social distancing guidelines and don’t require people to be physically present at insureds’ facilities.  Virtual audits may also take on an expanded role in the post COVID-19 era, becoming part of the “new normal,” as carriers realize the rewards of decreased audit costs, a reduced carbon footprint, and the ability to balance workloads among auditors. During this session, the presenter will explore helpful tips, lessons learned, and best practices that can be used to help create and enhance a successful virtual audit program.

Insights and Outlooks on Wildfire
November 17, 2021

Is your organization prepared for the upcoming wildfire season? During this session, attendees will learn about the changes in the wildfire risk landscape and the lessons that have been learned since the devastating 2017 and 2018 wildfire seasons.

FMDC | The What, When and How of an Inspection Program
November 18, 2021

This session qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Operations & Insurance module.

Automated Underwriting in Small Commercial: Accelerating Your Pace in the Race to Zero
November 30, 2021

The small commercial market is in a “race to zero.” Insurers and managing general agents are on a mission to reduce the number of application questions until the only data that needs to be entered is name and address. However, there are several pitfalls in this journey, and missteps can mean wasted investment and backward movement. During this session, attendees will learn concrete actions that can be taken to accelerate the race to zero. The presenter will address best practices in incorporating data and analytics to reduce application questions, common missteps taken while automating underwriting and how to avoid them, and how to bring together data, analytics, technology, and innovation to increase the number of risks being automatically underwritten.

Reference Filings 101
December 7, 2021

This webinar will cover all things reference filings! Bureau maintenance can be a confusing and time consuming process, which never goes away. We’ll review best practices for keeping ISO/bureau-based programs current. Topics will include circular tracking, auto adopt versus non-auto adopt, where and what kind of filings are required, how and when filings should be submitted and delayed adoption filings. This webinar is intended for compliance personnel and project managers struggling to keep up with ISO/bureau changes.

FMDC | Maximizing Your NAMIC Membership
December 16, 2021

This session qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Management module.