Professional Farm Mutual Manager Designation (PFMM)

Maintaining Your PFMM Certification

Once certified, PFMMs must pay the active participant fee every year and complete a qualifying maintenance event every 24 months in order to maintain an active, certified status. Qualifying maintenance events include any NAMIC in-person event and the PFMM Virtual Module. Please note, the virtual module can only be used as maintenance one time per virtual module update. In the event that a PFMM is not able to complete a qualifying maintenance event before expiration, a grace period may be purchased for $100. Each person is allowed a maximum of two grace periods throughout the life of his/her certification. If you would like NAMIC to enact a grace period for you, please submit a grace period request form with payment.

Qualifying PFMM Maintenance Events

Month Event Designed for
All (on-demand) PFMM Virtual Module
  • PFMMs
February Claims Conference
  • Mid and upper level claims managers
  • Claims vice presidents
  • Claims operations professionals
  • Claims adjuster managers
February/March Commercial Lines Seminar
  • Mid to senior level CL underwriters
  • CL product development specialists
  • CL managers and executives
  • Service providers of CL products
March/April CEO Roundtables
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO)
  • Presidents
  • Senior officers
April Personal Lines Seminar
  • Underwriting managers and executives
  • Mid to upper level PL underwriters
  • PL product development specialists
  • PL and agency development managers
May Directors’ Bootcamp 2.0
  • Board members of property/casualty insurance companies
May Farm Mutual Forum
  • Company managers
  • Next generation leaders
  • Directors
  • State Association leaders
June Management Conference
  • C-level officers (CEO, CFO, COO)
  • Executive vice presidents
  • Senior vice presidents
  • Future leaders
July Agricultural Risk Inspection School
  • Loss control specialists
  • Underwriters
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Company managers
August Leadership Development Workshop
  • Team leaders
  • Department supervisors
  • Future leaders
  • New managers
September Annual Convention
  • Senior insurance executives
  • Company managers
  • Directors
  • Insurance industry professionals
October Communications + Marketing Workshop
  • Mid to upper level marketing professionals
  • Corporate communications professionals
  • Public relations and advertising professionals
  • Online/Social media and marketing specialists


Lauren Holdcroft
Certification Manager