Sep 22 - 25, 2019 | National Harbor, Md.

NAMIC PAC at Convention

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On Capitol Hill and in every state there are a host of policy issues affecting NAMIC members’ bottom line, including the potential implementation of international insurance standards, the development and regulation of automated vehicles, the integration of commercial drone use into U.S. airspace, elimination of frivolous and costly tort litigation, our ability to use the most modern and accurate underwriting criteria, and so much more.

One of the tools NAMIC has to ensure member companies have a seat at the table as policy is developed is the NAMIC Political Action Committee. NAMIC PAC’s mission is to provide NAMIC members the opportunity to build relationships with federal and state candidates who support the future of the property/casualty insurance industry and demonstrate their belief in free enterprise and other principles to which our industry is dedicated. One hundred percent of NAMIC PAC contributions go directly to supporting the campaigns of insurance-friendly candidates.
NAMIC PAC is bipartisan and is governed by a board of trustees, chosen from the NAMIC membership, which sets basic policies and criteria regarding which candidates will receive support from NAMIC PAC.

Please take time to learn more about how NAMIC PAC invests in our mutual future by attending NAMIC PAC’s upcoming events and how to join our benefit club levels, as well as seeing your peer NAMIC member companies that participate. If you have any questions, please contact


Julie Bacher
Customer Service Coordinator