World’s Colliding: NAMIC Raises Money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation

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NAMIC has supported the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for 13 years.  The nonprofit organization was founded by reinsurers and raises money to fund pediatric cancer research.  This year during NAMIC’s Annual Convention, there were several events taking place to raise money for this important cause.

On Tuesday morning the 15th Annual Fun Run and Walk took place raising more than $9,000 for St. Baldrick’s.  It was great way to work in a healthy activity during the busy convention schedule.  Participants chose between a 5K run and a 3K walk around the scenic San Antonio Riverwalk. 

Then during the final hours of the marketplace Tuesday afternoon, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation Head Shaving took place during an ice cream social event.  Paul Ehlert, Germania Mutual president and CEO, wrapped up his NAMIC chairmanship by going bald for the foundation.  He had a lot of support from members attending convention in his home state of Texas raising more than $77,000.  Ehlert’s fundraising continues beyond this event.  Visit his donation page to learn more.

NAMIC members and spouses who have shaved their heads at past NAMIC events were invited to attend an interactive tour of a St. Baldrick’s research grant recipient’s lab on Wednesday. Pediatric cancer researcher Dr. Gregory Anue received a $50,000 grant from St. Baldrick’s in 2011.  At age 16 he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was successfully cured of his disease after undergoing one year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. His cancer experience led Dr. Anue down a path to becoming a pediatric oncologist and physician scientist.

Article Posted: 09.25.18
Last Updated: 09.25.18


Lindsay Robison
Content Manager and Editor