CU Denver Students Network and Learn at Convention

NAMIC’s Annual Convention is an educational opportunity not only for insurance professionals, it’s now one for wannabe insurance professionals as well. The 122nd Annual Convention is the first time a group of students majoring in risk management has been invited to the event.

Fourteen University of Colorado Denver students are attending the Convention opening session today. The annual Merit Society Luncheon gave students an opportunity to learn from and network with insurance industry leaders, potentially making connections that could land them future jobs.

The invitation to college students is a proactive move by NAMIC to address the insurance talent gap and show them what a career in insurance can offer. They’ll be looking to network and start building relationships with you, so be sure to introduce yourself and hand out some business cards while the students participate in the event.

CU Denver is one of about 85 colleges and universities in the nation that offer degrees related to insurance. Job placement after graduating from those programs is nearly 100 percent. Yet the number of those graduating with an insurance degree doesn’t fill the need of the industry. By some estimates, there will be 400,000 positions to fill by the year 2020.

“It’s estimated that the insurance industry will need to fill 400,000 positions by the year 2020,” said Chuck Chamness, president and CEO of NAMIC. “That’s a lot of open positions. We hope by helping young talent understand the industry and offering engaging opportunities to interact with seasoned professionals, we can bridge the growing skills gap.”