General Session: Managing Companies to Get Results

General Session: Managing Companies to Get Results

Stan SlapWhen executives are committed to the companies they lead, they get results. When leaders are emotionally committed, they get explosive results, at least according to corporate strategist Stan Slap, opening session keynote speaker at NAMIC’s 118th Annual Convention.

“Strategic planning – that’s a big subject. We talk a lifetime about strategic planning,” Slap said. “Most strategies in most companies don’t really work. Even the smartest companies subscribe to a mistaken thought – a successful strategy must be planned well – when, in fact, a successful strategy needs to be implemented well.”

Slap has helped numerous companies around the globe get such results since 1985. The companies that have put their faith in him are a testament to his business acumen. Companies such as Microsoft, HP, Banana Republic, eBay, and Deloitte are just a few that have called upon Slap’s expertise.

Throughout the 75-minute presentation, Slap returned to his unchanging mantra, “Every business has three cultures – management, employee, and customer but in order to be successful, company leaders must understand each one.” He used his quick wit and experience as a large-company CEO to help delegates understand those three cultures, particularly the employee culture, in a way that can revolutionize their businesses.

“It’s a matter of inspiring; it’s a matter of vision and value,” he said. “It’s not a matter of logic. It’s a matter of stirring success.”

At the conclusion of Slap’s remarks, delegates had the opportunity to meet with him in NAMIC Central, where members learned more about the services NAMIC provides.