Feb 9 - 11, 2021 | Orlando, Fla.

Exhibitor Email Service

NAMIC is pleased to offer an email service which will provide Claims Conference exhibitors the opportunity to send a custom or templated HTML marketing email to the NAMIC Claims Conference attendees.

  • Connect with Claims Conference attendees via the exhibitor email service for a fee of $599 per date selected.

  • Exhibitors may choose from a set of select calendar dates which are available to send your marketing email.

  • You will be able to design your own custom HTML email (within NAMIC specs) or you can choose from one of three template designs.

  • If you choose a templated design, you will provide the text and images for your email.

  • You will receive one test email with one round of edits to ensure that your email is ready for launch.

  • In order to stay on schedule, you will agree to meet a set of deadlines when you complete the order form.

  • After you reserve and purchase your “email date,” you will receive a confirmation email with the additional details and the steps needed to complete your marketing email.

  • Please see the FAQs for additional questions.


If you are providing a custom HTML promotion, please follow the specifications below.

  • Width: 640px

  • Maximum Height: 1500px

  • You can provide links within the promotion, but we cannot attach documents to the email.

  • Make sure that your HTML code is valid. You can use the w3c validator at: https://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_upload+with_options

  • The footer of your email must contain the following:

    • "You are receiving this promotion because you are a current NAMIC Claims Conference registrant."

    • Company Contact Information

    • A place for unsubscribe information. NAMIC will add this link before your test email is sent.

If you are not providing a custom HTML promotion, you can select from our templates below. Click on a template to view a larger image with specifications.

Template #1

Template #2

Template #3


Julie Bacher
Events Customer Service Coordinator