Award in Innovation | Judging Criteria

At NAMIC, we define innovation through relevance. And while we expect automation and technology applications to make up a portion of the Award in Innovation submissions, the award is truly open to any aspect the nominee deems innovative. These may include:

  • Unique, high-impact areas of community involvement

  • Creative ways of communicating the value of Mutuality (through new or traditional channels)

  • Initiatives in talent development and leadership perpetuation

  • Efforts in building a dynamic work environment

  • New ways of increasing policyholder accessibility and claims response time

Each submission will be scored on a 1-to-5 scale based on the following criteria:

  • Impact in perpetuating Mutuality

  • Creativity of idea

  • Numbers and/or dollar impact - relative to size of insurer (i.e. biggest and best is not an influence)

  • Potential for the idea to be adapted and used by other NAMIC members

  • Alignment with Management Conference focus areas—leadership, innovation/strategy, emerging trends, and the economy

To qualify, must be NAMIC member and have a primary Company connection.

NAMIC members who qualify for the Award in Innovation meet the following two criteria; primary insurance company who writes lines of insurance, operate and function as a mutual insurance company.

The Selection Committee will be made up of individuals on the Management Conference committee (unless an award nominee in which case he/she will be asked to abstain); two members of the NAMIC Property Casualty Conference Board of Directors; NAMIC VP Member Development (staff representative), and the previous year’s Award in Innovation winner.


Molly DiGiammarino
Meeting Manager