Top issues affecting the property/casualty insurance industry

Explore NAMIC's positions on these important issues and learn what NAMIC Advocates are doing on behalf of the property/casualty insurance industry.

Automated Vehicles

NAMIC fully supports ADS innovation and development that enhances safety. The federal government – through NHTSA – should have the authority to make determinations for the required performance and safety, as well as data integrity, of ADS, and insurers should have access to ADS information and data...

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In April 2017, NAMIC became the first association in Washington to call for Congress to restore property owners’ rights of private airspace from drones by creating a national airspace level at 200-feet in altitude. As pointed out in NAMIC’s recent whitepaper...

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NAMIC supports federal activity that would help improve the nation’s ability to withstand cyber-attacks through threat information-sharing. Any information sharing requirements should not be overly burdensome and any security standards must be technologically neutral and based on...

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Federal Insurance Office

Based on its experience with the FIO, NAMIC has concluded the office adds little value to the U.S. insurance system, policyholders, or taxpayers. The experiment has been a failure, and the time has come to eliminate the FIO. NAMIC opposes continuing the existence of a...

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Jimi Grande
Senior Vice President - Government Affairs