NAMIC Purpose & Mission & Vision

Purpose Statement

Serve and unite members by advancing their interests and shaping our mutual future.

Mission Statement

Strengthen members by providing leadership in advocacy, education, and association services.

Vision Statement

We are the insurance association of choice, with the resources, services, and engaged team to best serve the expanding needs of members while championing our unique shared purpose and mutual values.

Shared Values & Commitments

Mutuality – promoting successful policyholder-focused insurance company structures that provide distinct marketplace advantages. 

Fairness – supporting member diversity and opportunity with no permanent board seats and an equal voice for every mutual member.

Engagement – achieving our potential through the involvement and interaction of members.

Collaboration – working with others to achieve common goals.

Leadership – demonstrating a culture of success and resourcefulness. 

Proficiency – maximizing member value through quality staff, excellent service, and sound financial management.