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Following natural disasters around the country, residential roofing contractors, many of them transient out-of-state operations, migrate into affected states and apply high-pressure tactics on unsuspecting disaster victims. These so-called "storm scammers" often take advantage of vulnerable consumers trying to restore their lives following a disaster by promising to repair homes and deal with the insurance claims process for an upfront payment, only to disappear afterwards.

NAMIC Position

NAMIC supports state consumer protection laws requiring residential roofing contractors to have written contracts that spell out the scope of roofing services and the materials used, the dates of service, costs of services, and the roofer's contact information as well as information on the roofer's surety and liability coverage. NAMIC also supports laws prohibiting roofing contractors from offering any rebates on insurance deductibles, allowing consumers to rescind the contract within an allotted time and requiring any down payments be repaid within 10 days of the contract's cancellation. NAMIC supports NCOIL's Storm Chaser Consumer Protection model law.

Hawaii: NAMIC-Supported ‘Storm Scammer’ Residential Roofing Repairs Bill Passes Out of Both Senate Committees

February 26, 2020 NAMIC-supported SB 2422, as amended, has now passed out of both the Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill will soon be voted on by the full Senate. Read more

Hawaii: NAMIC-Supported Pro-Consumer Protection Storm Scammer Bill Introduced

January 22, 2020 NAMIC is pleased to report that Sen. Rosalyn Baker, along with eight other legislators, have signed on as sponsors of SB 2422, Relating to roofing contractors. The legislation would prohibit roofing contractors from offering to pay in any monetary form... Read more

North Carolina: Dust Settling After Crossover Deadline

May 14, 2019 After fast and furious activity leading up to the May crossover deadline, the dust is settling at the North Carolina General Assembly. Much of the recent focus was... Read more

North Carolina: NAMIC-Supported ‘Storm Scammer’ Bill Introduced

April 4, 2019 North Carolina SB 576, NAMIC-supported legislation to address "storm scammers," was introduced April 3. Similar legislation has passed the House twice in the past but has been stymied in the Senate, so the hope is that by starting in the Senate this... Read more

North Carolina: Legislature Adjourns Just Before Holiday Weekend

July 5, 2017 The North Carolina Legislature adjourned its 2017 regular session around 2 a.m. June 30, with plans to reconvene in special session Aug. 3 for veto overrides, redistricting issues, and other bills deemed appropriate for consideration at that time... Read more


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Vice President - Public Policy and Federal Affairs