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An electronic discussion forum can be a great learning tool if used appropriately. All users of the NAMIC Discussion Forums must adhere to the rules set forth below, and each post made to this forum will be reviewed by NAMIC for appropriateness prior to distribution.

You can find a listing of staff moderators by selecting the "contact moderator" button on the left hand side. Please contact your specific forum moderator with any questions or problems.

Rules & Etiquette

Stay on the topic of the thread. Remember that some forum members only have a limited amount of time to read and reply to forum discussions. It will make everyone's life a lot easier if they can easily find the discussions that interest them and read and reply appropriately.

Change the subject line of messages as necessary. If one conversation leads to another topic of discussion either start a new thread or change the email subject to appropriately describe the content of the discussion which is in progress. This is another way to help members find the information they are seeking quickly and efficiently.

Please be aware of replies already posted to the forum. You will want to make sure that you are not repeating an answer verbatim that has already been posted to the board. This can cause frustration from discussion forum members and lengthen discussions.

Professionalism, Professionalism, Professionalism. Remember that everyone given access to this discussion forum is a business professional. You should treat this form of discussion just as you would a face-to-face conversation. Make sure to use good manners. There will be no tolerance for foul language, abusive attacks or threatening of members or moderators, or any other form of harassment. If this rule is broken, you will be immediately removed from this forum. Also remember that although you may have a lot of experience with forums, some people are still learning. Please show patience and do your best to help your peers.

No Spam. This means sales pitches, requests for aid, chain letters, get rich quick schemes etc., are prohibited.

Cross-Posting. Cross-posting is posting the same message to multiple online forums at the same time. This "shotgun" approach is considered rude. Please pick the forum that is most appropriate for the topic at hand and post it there.

Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Using all caps is the equivalent of "shouting" on the Internet. It is acceptable to capitalize a word or phrase to emphasize, but typing in ALL CAPS (other than for special emphasis) is not appropriate.

Be careful when using humor or sarcasm. Humor is usually pretty easy to see when you are face-to-face. Understand that people cannot see gestures, body language or facial expressions and this can sometimes cause confusion. Sarcasm can be a difficult thing to pick up on in face-to-face situations and should be avoided in an online environment. In order to convey emotion, many people now use emoticons. Please see below for commonly used emoticons.

:-) Happy
:-( Sad
:-< Mad
:-o Surprised
:-D Laughing
:-| Indifferent
;-) Winking

Dropped Posts or Threads. If a moderator has declined your post, please drop that thread. If you have questions about the reasoning for the decline of your post you may contact the moderator for an explanation.

Signatures Lines. A signature line should contain text only. Graphics or avatars will not be permitted. Signature can only contain a maximum of 5 lines (3 lines is preferable). At a minimum, your signature line should contain your name, title, company name, and e-mail address.


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