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Leadership Workshops

Workshop Content | Leading with Integrity, Influence & Impact

Leading with Integrity, Influence & Impact is an empowering, interacive, and self-reflective journey where you will aquire real-world strategies to positively impact and influence individuals and teams in a way that enhance business performance. It is designed for executive and/or high-level leaderr who want to refine their leadeship competencies and propel their organization forward.

Leading with Integrity, Influence & Impact

Successful leaders know their value lies not only in leading and managing teams, but in creating cultures of excellence while fostering greater influence, engagement and performance. Cultivate your leadership style by exploring power and influence, while helping to shape organizational behavior. Navigate challenging times through fostering accountability, developing and leveraging talent for current and future needs, while leading authentically and purposefully.

Program Outline & Objectives:

Leading with Purpose

  • Assess your unique talents and values that shape you as a leader.

  • Acknowledge your own personal actions that marginalize you as a leader.

  • Discover how to positively influence others through authentic and purposeful leadership.

Creating a Culture of Excellence

  • Learn strategies to create and foster a culture of inclusion, empowerment and autonomy.

  • Inspire your teams and enhance levels of engagement throughout your organization.

  • Discover how to marshal resources toward idea generation and innovative thinking.

Inspiring and Influecing Change

  • Determine factors that impact responses to change and how to beter control reactions.

  • Learn the four phases of change and how to maneuver through the transition more effectively.

  • Discover how to take accountability fo dealing with change initiatives and how to positively influence changes across our organization.

  • Learn the four phases of change and how to maneuver through the transition more effectively.

Leveraging Talent for the Future

  • Further engage and empower top-teir talent through utilizing an individual development plan process.

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and skill enhancement through a comprehensive mentoring program.

  • Create a pipeline for future leadership by developing a high potential talent pool.


This workshop is designed for supervisors, managers, executives, or high level leaders looking to refine their leadership competencies.

What is Included

What is Included
Professional facilitation and in-depth instruction

  • Interactive activities: group discussion and hands-on exercises

  • Coursework materials for all participants

  • High-quality leadership training focused on team dynamics

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