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Lauren Holdcroft

Lauren Holdcroft
Certification Administrator

Telephone: 317.876.4202

Farm Mutual Director Certification (FMDC)

For Host Organizations

NAMIC invites any host organization to conduct these classes as stand-alone meetings or in conjunction with existing training classes or meetings. Courses being offered will need to be approved by the FMDC Administrator.

Interested in offering FMDC courses? Please follow the steps below for course selection and approval.

  • STEP 1: Select courses to be offered from the course catalog. When selecting courses, you do not have to offer courses from a single module, if you need information regarding courses already completed by your target audience or past courses offered, please contact the FMDC Administrator at If offering a webinar, please list the name of the webinar and corresponding date in which it was originally presented by NAMIC.
  • STEP 2: After courses have been selected, please submit an intent to conduct form with a $150 intent to conduct fee. A speaker biography and course outline needs to accompany the form for all courses being offered as FMDC programs unless it is a previously recorded NAMIC webinar. If you need speaker suggestions, please contact the FMDC Administrator at for a past speaker list. Completed forms and course outlines can be faxed to (317) 879-8408 or e-mailed to
  • STEP 3: Once the intent to conduct form has been approved, you will receive via e-mail a copy of the approved intent to conduct form, a current marketing list, an application for new FMDC enrollees, and sign-in sheets for those already enrolled in the program.

Once your courses have been completed, you will need to return to NAMIC the completed sign-in sheets, all applications and $25 per program participant for new enrollees. The new enrollees also have the option to mail NAMIC the application and fee either prior to the courses or after the courses.

Fees collected are used to maintain an FMDC database of program participants, produce participation reports, and course materials.

*Program participant is defined as any individual who has completed a new enrollee application or signed in on the course sign-in sheet.