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Lauren Holdcroft

Lauren Holdcroft
Certification Administrator

Telephone: 317.876.4202

Farm Mutual Director Certification (FMDC)

For Directors

NAMIC congratulates you in your quest for continuing education and commitment as a farm mutual director. FMDC courses are available during the year through host organizations and NAMIC offerings. The courses selected are specifically designed to enhance your knowledge as a board member to provide effective strategic direction for your organization. The designation also recognizes your commitment to education and professionalism.

To Attain Your Designation:

To attain an FMDC designation, an individual must:

  • Complete an application and submit a $25 application fee
  • Be an active, voting director of a farm mutual company at the time of completion
  • Attend four courses from each module within five years of enrollment

The application and fee may be submitted directly to NAMIC via mail prior to or immediately following the first courses taken. You may also turn in the application and fee on the day the courses are being held. The application will only need to be completed once; for subsequent courses you attend, please be sure to sign-in at each course on the provided sign-in sheets to ensure you receive credit for attending. If you have any questions, please contact the FMDC Administrator by e-mail at

Course Modules:

The FMDC program is comprised of three modules: the Management Module, the Operations & Insurance Module, and the Finance & Accounting Module. For the module outlines, please refer to the FMDC Course List. To attain your designation, you must complete four courses from each of these modules within five years of enrollment. The courses may be taken in any order.

Designation Maintenance:

Directors completing the designation requirements will receive:

  • Formal recognition at the next NAMIC Annual Convention
  • Formal recognition at your state’s next Annual Meeting, if applicable
  • A certificate of achievement
  • A lapel pin
  • Plaques are also available for an additional fee

To maintain the designation, a director must complete at least four hours of coursework every two years. A director may choose from any of the three modules to complete the necessary hours but it must be four different courses for full credit to be given.

Grace Period: Certified directors who believe they will not complete their four hours of maintenance coursework within the expected two-year time frame, or whose maintenance has lapsed by less than 12 months, may contact the FMDC administrator to request a one-time grace period. Annual participation fees must be paid to bring the director current and the necessary four courses must be completed within twelve months from when the grace period is requested. If the required four courses are not met in that twelve-month grace period, the director will be marked inactive and will need to re-enroll and complete the necessary course work to become certified.

Suspended Form: Program participants, certified or pursuing certification, whose annual active participant fees have not been paid by the due date stated on the invoice will have their status changed to “suspended” and NAMIC will no longer track their coursework. Also, if a certified participant does not complete the required four continuing education courses every 24 months, their status will be changed to “suspended.” Please complete this Reinstatement Form and mail or email it to the Certification Administrator. See contact information on the left. Once the form has been processed and approved, you will receive an updated transcript and your status will be returned to “active.”

For more information regarding the FMDC program, please contact the FMDC administrator at (800) 336-2642 or