Resiliency Week 2019

2019 Resiliency Week

The Disaster Recovery Reform Act could provide more than $1 billion for FEMA's Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) fund during years of major disasters. NAMIC is now working to ensure states seize this opportunity and use this massive amount of new money to reduce disaster losses.

NAMIC is working with FEMA to create guidance for the submission of cost-effective, risk-reducing grant applications. In the states, NAMIC is working with lawmakers to adopt "Resiliency Week".

NAMIC has produced the following materials to help legislators and others raise public awareness of Resiliency Week in their state:




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FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program

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Social Media Post Recommendations

As part of a campaign aimed to build stronger communities in preparation for natural disasters, the [STATE NAME] Legislature has declared September [DATE] as #ResiliencyWeek

Recognizing #ResiliencyWeek is an important first step in raising awareness about the need to plan for future #disasters by implementing a #DisasterMitigation strategy before disasters strike.

Resilience means preparing for natural disasters before they happen. #ResiliencyWeek #DisasterMitigation

Preparing before a storm makes it less likely that you need to rebuild your home or business after the fact. #ResiliencyWeek #DisasterMitigation

#DYK since 1980, more than 250 natural disasters have cost the country more than $1 trillion. #ResiliencyWeek #DisasterMitigation

Building resiliently can have an enormous impact on whether a home can withstand even the most extreme natural disasters. #ResiliencyWeek #DisasterMitigation

The Disaster Recovery Reform Act, signed into federal law in 2018, will arm states and communities with new resources to mitigate against the risk of #flooding, wind damage, #wildfires, and other catastrophic events. #ResiliencyWeek #DisasterMitigation

Federal disaster preparation incentives, such as the Disaster Recovery Reform Act, help to lower #DisasterMitigation costs for taxpayers. #ResiliencyWeek

#DYK a study conducted by @CUSystem has shown that every dollar spent on mitigation can save as many as $11 in disaster losses. #ResiliencyWeek #DisasterMitigation

Building resiliently doesn't have to cost a lot; look for inexpensive ways to reinforce your home or business. Remember, a small investment now will mean less money spent later. #ResiliencyWeek #DisasterMitigation

Building resilient is not just about how we build homes, but where we build homes. It's important to be realistic about the risks incurred by building in areas that are prone to increasingly strong natural disasters. #ResiliencyWeek #DisasterMitigation

2019 Proclamations & Resolutions Passed

  1. Alabama – Sept. 1-7
  2. Arkansas – Sept. 1-7
  3. Colorado – (Tribute)
  4. Connecticut – Sept. 1-7
  5. Florida – Sept. 8-14
  6. Illinois – Sept. 1-7
  7. Kansas – Sept. 1-7
  8. Louisiana – Sept. 1-7
  9. Maine – Sept. 1-7
  10. Minnesota – Sept. 1-7
  11. Missouri – Sept. 8-14
  12. North Dakota – Sept. 1-7
  13. South Carolina – Sept. 1-7
  14. South Dakota – Sept. 1-7
  15. Virginia – Sept. 1-7
  16. Wisconsin – Sept. 1-7


Lauren Anderson
Manager, Media Relations