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NAMIC’s 50-state Compliance Surveys are provided as a resource to assist NAMIC member personnel with their legal and compliance-related research needs. With over 75 topics and growing, the database of surveys covers a wide range of topics, including financial regulation, market regulation, and rate and form-related regulation. Included in the surveys is an ever-expanding list of insurance regulatory data calls, and newer surveys on emerging topics like cannabis laws and autonomous vehicle laws.

The surveys are easy to use. You can select as many or as few topics or subtopics as you’d like, in as many states as you like. Each survey entry contains a link to the applicable laws, regulations, and other applicable information. Once you have filtered your results, if you click on an entry, you will see additional information and analysis in most surveys. You can download your filtered results, save your filters, and select to be notified by email when a survey in a saved filter has been updated. NAMIC compliance personnel monitor changes in laws as they occur and update survey entries quickly thereafter. To see instructions for setting filters and receiving automated emails, click here.

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Compliance alerts and compliance advisories are provided as a resource to assist members of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) with compliance research. They should not be considered legal advice and should not be exclusively relied upon for business, legal, or compliance decisions. Please consult your compliance and legal representatives.


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