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NAMIC’s Compliance Alerts give member company compliance personnel a quick “heads up” on important developments in insurance compliance that may require companies to take action – whether making a filing, responding to a data call, or changing a form or procedure – with a short deadline. Users can subscribe to have alerts emailed directly to them and can select as many or as few states as they like. Each alert identifies the state from which it originates, the line(s) of business affected, a short synopsis of the content, the compliance-related impact or actions that companies may need to take, important contact information, and the deadline or due date. Subscribing to NAMIC’s Compliance Alerts is a great way to stay on top of important compliance news.

DFS Announces 2019 Availability, Free Trade Zone, Homeowners Supplement Surveys

November 8, 2019 The New York Department of Financial Services has announced the Availability Survey, Annual Free Trade Zone Report, and the Special Homeowners Insurance Supplement survey for 2019, responses to... Read more

North Carolina: DOI Amends Disaster Mediation Program Bulletin

November 7, 2019 The North Carolina Department of Insurance has amended Bulletin 19-B-06 regarding the activation of the DOI’s disaster mediation program following Hurricane Dorian. The bulletin, originally issued in October, has been extended to apply to... Read more

New York: DFS Announces Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Survey

November 7, 2019 The New York Department of Financial Services has announced the issuance of a special Section 308 Pandemic Influenza Preparedness survey. Responses to this survey are due Nov. 22, 2019. Read more

CDI Issues Notice Regarding Significant Laws Applicable to Declared Emergencies

November 6, 2019 The California Department of Insurance has issued a notice to all residential property insurers, licensed independent adjusters, and other parties related to recently-enacted SB 240 and insurers’ provision of certain notice to... Read more

NYDFS Issues 2019 Voluntary Public Auto Classifications Survey

October 31, 2019 The New York Department of Financial Services has issued the 2019 Section 308 Voluntary Public Auto Classifications Survey to commercial... Read more

Compliance alerts and compliance advisories are provided as a resource to assist members of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) with compliance research. They should not be considered legal advice and should not be exclusively relied upon for business, legal, or compliance decisions. Please consult your compliance and legal representatives.


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