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Learn how to get started by downloading the Quick Start Guide. The Data Collection Worksheet is also available to download; it was designed to help you get familiar with the questions and gather your data on one convenient document prior to beginning the survey. Finally, the Glossary of Definitions and Formulas is available to download, too. It will assist you with various terms and calculations and help you navigate your way through your individual state’s annual statement booklet.

Want to know more before you begin?

Thank you for your interest in the Small Company Benchmarking Survey. NAMIC developed this resource to better serve the managers and directors of smaller member companies—those with less than $30M in direct written premiums. NAMIC listened to small-company industry leaders to develop this resource and help bring insight and understanding to the following areas:

  • Small company operational data

  • Salary and benefit information focused on small companies

  • Governance Practices, Board Compensation, and Succession Planning for small companies

What is included in the purchased results?

Five dynamic reports instantly available for download

Seven additional filters to further refine your analysis

  • Region, State, Total Full-time Staff, Number of Policies in force, Gross Premiums, Investment Yield/Return, and Peer Cluster

Pricing? (Ask your reinsurer about possible reimbursement)

Share your data: Be a participant—complete 80% of survey and SAVE 33%

  • Purchaser: $600

  • Participant: $400

Both choices provide unlimited access to virtually endless reporting options for 12 months after purchase date. Members are encouraged to continue entering data all year, so check back often to always have the most current results. Thank you!


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Please download and review the documents linked in the above section on this page to help you get more familiar with the Small Company Benchmarking tool and to learn how you can save time and money when you participate. If you still have questions or need assistance getting started contact the NAMIC Benchmarking Team by email: or call: 317-875-5250.