Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Tool Kits

NAMIC is partnered with First Consulting & Administration, Inc. to provide resources and compliance services designed for individual company usage. As a benefit of your membership, NAMIC is pleased to offer three new resources including ERM Tool Kit, ERM Whole Package: Starter + Tool Kit, and a CGAD Corporate Governance Tool Kit. All kits contain Word documents and PDF files; these are available for purchase and immediate usage. Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a secure link to a webpage where you can download the materials.

Training and assistance from First Consulting is available for an additional fee. First Consulting will keep these tools and templates current in compliance with adoption of any substantive state variations or with new language adopted by the NAIC in the Model Law and regulation.

ERM Starter Kit

  • Risk Culture and Governance - Basic Training Materials Overview of “How Tos”

  • Risk Identification and Prioritization - Gap Analysis Checklist and Instructions

  • Risk Appetite, Tolerances, and Limits - Risk Assessment Framework Templates and Tools

  • Risk Management and Controls - Enterprise Risk Governance Team Charter

  • Risk Reporting and Communication - Report Templates and Instructions

ERM Tool Kit

  • Documentation needed for an ORSA regulatory review of your existing ERM program.

  • ERM (Tracking) Checklist - Comprehensive spreadsheet helps track elements of the ERM

  • ERM Program Template - This program template helps organize all your documentation into an ERM program with appendices containing the ERM Tool Kit documents (and other organization documents).

  • Description of Responsibilities - Chief risk officer or ERM program director and ERM risk analyst job descriptions document roles and responsibilities for these important risk functions.

  • Risk Management Policy - Ready to be branded with your corporate logo, incorporated into your organization’s code of conduct and adopted by your board of directors.

  • Key Risk Indicator Procedure - Key risk indicators are the core of your ERM monitoring and reporting functions, and this procedure documents and defines your process.

  • Risk Incident Reporting Procedure - Risk incidents allow for critical events to become part of your ERM process, and this procedure documents and defines an incident for your organization.

  • Enterprise Risk Governance Team ORSA Agenda - This agenda gives your team the necessary items to implement the ORSA manual and ERM requirements.

  • Enterprise Risk Governance Team ORSA Goals - This list of goals gives your team their leadership objectives for ERM/ORSA.

  • High Level Risk Assessment (HLRA) Documentation Form - Helps supplement the HLRA process from the ERM/ORSA Starter Kit and facilitate the risk documentation for each interview.

  • Program Procedures and Risk Rating Charts.

Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure (CGAD) Tool Kit

  • Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee Charter

  • Corporate Governance Committee Charter

  • Board of Directors Corporate Governance Guidelines

  • Suitability Criteria for Chief Executive Officers

  • Criteria for Board of Director Candidates

  • Corporate Governance Compliance Readiness Checklist

  • Enterprise Risk Governance Team Charter

  • Enterprise Risk Management Corporate Policy

  • Enterprise Risk Management Quarterly Board of Directors Report Template

  • CGAD Filing Template

  • Board Orientation and Training Overview

  • Board Self-Evaluation Template

  • Dealing with Board Absenteeism Procedure

  • Succession Planning Tool

  • ERM Training Presentation for the Board

  • Board Training on the CGAD


Option 1: ERM Whole Package: Starter + Tool Kit $5,500 (retail value $8,500)

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Option 2: ERM Tool Kit $4,000 (retail value $8,000)

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Option 3: CGAD Corporate Governance + annual supplement noting any changes $3,500 (retail value $4,000)

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*Those certified or enrolled in NAMIC’s Professional Farm Mutual Manager program will receive a 20% discount on the above listed prices.

How will I receive this information?

Once you have purchased your tool kit, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to a secure page where the toolkit documents can be downloaded.


For specific questions regarding the content of these tool kits, please contact ermtoolkits@namic.org.


Kristen Spriggs
Senior Vice President - Member Development