NAMIC's database of compliance surveys is a dynamic research tool that is included as part of your NAMIC membership. Our compliance survey database enables users to identify, locate and create custom research reports and email alerts on a variety of compliance-related topics. Users can search by state, by category, and by topic, selecting as many or as few states, categories or topics as they need. Each survey entry has a link to the source law and/or regulation; most compliance surveys include a summary of the key features of each law or regulation. Users can save search pre-sets and filters so they don’t need to re-customize their search every time. Users can elect to be automatically updated by email when a new entry or change is made on a compliance survey which they have saved as a preset. New surveys are added regularly, and we strive to ensure that surveys are updated with the most current law and analysis on a regular basis.

If you'd like to see a demonstration of how to use the database, please contact us at


Sarah Schnettler
Director - Corporate Affairs



Geoff Baker
Director, Compliance