Disaster Information | Natural Disasters - Floods


There have been a number of recent studies showing a frightening trend – people who live in high-risk areas for flooding are not protecting themselves with adequate insurance coverage.

A Mason-Dixon poll shows that half of all American homeowners incorrectly believe they are automatically covered for flood damage through their homeowner’s insurance policy. In another study, Rand Corporation found only half of the most vulnerable homes have flood insurance, and only 20 percent of homeowners in these areas buy it when not required to do so.

Flooding occurs almost anywhere there is water, not just the coastal areas. And homeowners without proper flood insurance live in all areas of the United States. This is a particularly risky behavior – now more than ever as storms are becoming more intense, more damaging, and more unpredictable.

Before flood warnings go out:

  • Have an evacuation plan

  • Check your insurance policy

  • Take inventory of home belongings

  • Once the warning to evacuate goes out, have the following ready to go:

    • Medicines

    • Clothing

    • Photos

    • Computer

    • Important papers such as insurance policies, birth certificates, social security cards, driver's licenses, deeds, stocks, bonds