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Insurance is a nuanced, complicated business, and while the vast majority of Americans purchase insurance, most do not understand how the industry works. Below are a few suggestions for possible articles that focus on the property/casualty insurance industry. Some are business related; others could easily be written as features. For additional information, contact Lisa Floreancig at She will be able to get you in touch with NAMIC staff or a company member who can further explain the topic.

  1. How insurance works and its role in supporting the economy

  2. How insurance companies plan for future claims to make good on promises to policyholders

  3. State borders matter when it comes to property/casualty insurance

  4. What are state insurance commissioners; what do they do; and what is their importance to the business of property/casualty insurance

  5. How credit-based insurance scoring works in favor of most consumers

  6. Insurance as a college major

  7. Payments to auto injury claims because of fraud and buildup: $4.8 billion to $6.8 billion

  8. Insuring athletes – professional and amateur

  9. Insurance and philanthropy

  10. Ridiculous lawsuits and who pays

  11. Insurance and niche markets … just how are the Hope Diamond and that Kandinsky insured?

  12. Insurers as second-responders after catastrophe strikes; the emotional fallout suffered