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NAMIC Opposes Legislation to Restrict Use of Aftermarket Parts in Rhode Island

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies offered testimony opposing legislation, H. 7404, that would further restrict the use of aftermarket parts in auto repairs.

“Car repair costs in Rhode Island are already among the highest in the country, and passage of this legislation will make matters worse – all to the detriment of consumers,” said John Murphy, NAMIC’s state affairs director for the Northeast region.

Current law limits the use of aftermarket parts affecting the body or exterior of the car during the 30 months following the car’s manufacture. H. 7404 would limit the use of any aftermarket part from windshield wiper blades to batteries during that period.

“The availability and use of aftermarket parts that are of like, kind, and quality to the brand parts have helped keep a check on repair costs” Murphy said. “This legislation will benefit the original equipment manufacturers at the expense of consumers who will ultimately absorb the higher costs of repairs.”


Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director, State & Policy Affairs