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NAMIC Supports Criminal Code Bill on Motor Vehicle ‘Chop Shops’ in Colorado

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies submitted written testimony in support of HB 1084, a bill designed to reduce auto theft via stricter criminal laws against motor vehicle “chop shops.”

“NAMIC supports HB 1084 because the proposed legislation is good for society in general, and the prevention of auto theft and prosecution of criminals are important to insurance consumers, who have to deal with the personal and financial implications of having their vehicle stolen,” said Christian J. Rataj, NAMIC’s senior director of state affairs for the West region.

“Additionally, theft is an auto insurance rate cost driver, and motor vehicle chop shops create safety concerns for motorists,” Rataj continued. “Chop shop auto parts sold on the ‘black market’ and then reinstalled on other motor vehicles may have been structurally damaged by criminals during their hasty removal from stolen vehicles.”


Lisa Floreancig
State Affairs Director, State & Policy Affairs