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NAMIC Supports Alaska Pro-Administrative Efficiency Workers’ Compensation Medical Fees Bill

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies has submitted written testimony supporting an Alaska medical fees bill, HB 141, that will expedite and economize the filing and payment of medical treatment bills for injured workers.

The proposed legislation specifically addresses pricing of medical services and treatment provided out of state, requires timely submission of medical bills by providers to employers, and establishes a deadline for appealing medical bills.

“NAMIC is actively supporting SB 141 because the bill is a reasonable and appropriate step toward greater workers’ compensation reform in Alaska,” said Christian J. Rataj, NAMIC’s senior director of state affairs for the West region. “Employers and injured workers benefit from a workers’ compensation system that has measured and balanced cost-containment rules in place to prevent over-inflated pricing of medical treatment and services and an administrative system that has procedural rules in place to promote pro-consumer medical treatment efficiency.”


Lisa Floreancig
Director of Public Affairs, State & Policy Affairs