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NAMIC Advocates for Strong Building Codes in Maryland, Submits Testimony

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) submitted testimony yesterday to the House Environmental Matters Committee asking for its support of HB 769. The measure allows local jurisdictions to adopt amendments to the wind design and windborne debris provisions of the Maryland Building Performance Standards only if such amendments do not weaken these provisions of the standards.

“NAMIC is a national leader on the subject of building codes and coordinates the BuildStrong Coalition in Washington, D.C.,” said Erin Collins, NAMIC’s Mid-Atlantic state affairs manager, said. “We believe that stronger building codes save lives, save property, and promote the longevity and prosperity of communities.”

Studies have shown that strong building codes produce economic benefits. A 2012 Milliman study found that the proposed Safe Building Code Incentive Act would have saved U.S. taxpayers $11 billion from 1988 to present had it been in place. In another assessment, The Louisiana State University Hurricane Center conducted a comparative analysis of the economic loss in Mississippi because of Hurricane Katrina, projecting a savings of $3.1 billion if tougher building codes had been in place. In addition to saving lives and reducing property loss, building codes based on nationally recognized standards contribute to the durability of structures, and, in some locations, favorably affect the affordability and availability of insurance.

“We believe that HB 769 is an important step for Maryland toward a stronger statewide code and ultimately a lifesaver for her citizens,” Collins said.