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NAMIC: House Passage of Medicare Secondary Payer Reforms a Win for All

Legislation passed by the House today to clarify rules governing the Medicare Secondary Payer system will help consumers, insurers and the federal government save time and money, according to the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.

Introduced by Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Penn., H.R. 1063, the Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers, or SMART Act, is designed to improve the efficiency of the current Medicare Secondary Payer system and speed repayment of amounts owed to the Medicare Trust Fund.

"Today’s vote will help create a clear set of rules to help ensure swift settlements of claims and reduce waste and fraud costs for the Medicare Trust," said Jimi Grande, Senior Vice President of Federal and Political Affairs for NAMIC. "The SMART Act has strong bipartisan support, and NAMIC applauds the House for taking up the bill and passing it."

Provisions of the SMART Act were passed with over 400 votes as part of H.R. 1845, The Medicare IVIG Access Act. The SMART ACT itself was approved by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health in September, and NAMIC had sent House leadership a letter earlier this week urging lawmakers to pass the legislation before the end of the year.

With House passage, Grande called on the Senate to act on its version of the legislation, S. 1718, introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.

"At a time when Congress is struggling to find ways to save money, passing the SMART ACT might be one of the easiest decisions the Senate can make," Grande said. “The SMART Act helps consumers and insurers by clarifying a confusing system, and it reduces costs to the Medicare Trust Fund as well. I doubt there are many other bills that can make such a claim."

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