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  The Appearance of Impropriety

You’ve been discussing the possibility of a new product implementation with a vendor. For your next scheduled meeting, the vendor’s representative you’ve been working with suggests meeting at the local pub down the street. At the end of the meeting, the representative offers to pick up the tab. Your company doesn’t have a policy about not accepting gifts, but you don’t feel comfortable with letting the representative pay for your order. You try to give him some cash, but he waves off the offer.

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  Merit Society Members Share: Ethical Dilemmas

As mentioned in the article above, ethical dilemmas are everywhere. But different people think of and handle them in different ways. Several Merit Society members share how they handle ethical dilemmas when they’re faced with them.

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  Good Work

Doing good work is great. Being recognized for that good work is even better. Several organizations set up ways to rate companies on their performance; two of the most recognizable are J.D. Power and Associates and the Best Places to Work.

The companies that make the lists exemplify some of the best business has to offer, and they demand and get respect. It shouldn’t be that surprising, then, that several NAMIC members make those lists.

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The NAMIC Merit Award stimulates the advancement of professionalism in the insurance industry. It is designed to encourage individual professional development of persons associated with NAMIC member companies and to recognize those individuals who demonstrate educational attainment, service or contributions through NAMIC or State/Provincial association activities.

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Presentation of the NAMIC Merit Award, a specially designed plaque, will be made to certified applicants at the Society's annual breakfast, which is held during the NAMIC Annual Convention or at the applicants State/Provincial association annual convention, if applicable.

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies extends its appreciation to the members of the NAMIC Merit Award Committee who served with dedication in developing the NAMIC Merit Award in 1973. The committee established objectives to help individuals set personal goals nearer to their potential.

Qualification for the award requires the accumulation of 100 points. Complete details on point accumulation and certification are listed in the application.

Upon payment of nominal annual dues, award recipients are enrolled as members of the NAMIC Merit Society and are eligible to attend society meetings and receive attendant benefits as determined by the Society's Board of Directors.

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