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  Raising Awareness: The (Continued) Focus of the Newest Merit Society Chairman

A membership count of 200 isn’t something to scoff at, but the potential membership numbers for the NAMIC Merit Society could be so much more. Increasing awareness – and subsequently membership numbers – of the group will be the focus for Patrick Faga, the 2011-2012 Merit Society chairman and vice president of West De Moines, Iowa-based Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa, during his year at the helm of the society.

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  Merit Society Welcomes New Members

It takes dedication to professionalism, educational attainment, and service and contributions to industry associations to become a member of NAMIC’s Merit Society. So far, 200 or so insurance professionals have fulfilled those requirements. Not all of them remain active in the society, but as Patrick Faga, senior vice president of Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa in West Des Moines, Iowa, and the Merit Society’s 2011-2012 chairman, says, many more people qualify to join the membership. They just haven’t applied yet.

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  Leading by Emotion: Using Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Being intelligent is a key characteristic when it comes to becoming a leader. No one would get to an executive position if he or she didn’t have enough business smarts to climb the corporate ladder. But a high IQ isn’t the only intelligence that makes for a good leader.

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  Recognition Where Its Due

The Merit Society may be NAMIC’s way to recognize its members who put in the extra effort to excel in our industry, but it isn’t just NAMIC members who go beyond what’s required in order to keep the industry thriving. Most NAMIC members rely on agents to sell their products, and like NAMIC members, most independent agents strive to keep a high standard.

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The NAMIC Merit Award stimulates the advancement of professionalism in the insurance industry. It is designed to encourage individual professional development of persons associated with NAMIC member companies and to recognize those individuals who demonstrate educational attainment, service or contributions through NAMIC or State/Provincial association activities.

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Presentation of the NAMIC Merit Award, a specially designed plaque, will be made to certified applicants at the Society's annual breakfast, which is held during the NAMIC Annual Convention or at the applicants State/Provincial association annual convention, if applicable.

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies extends its appreciation to the members of the NAMIC Merit Award Committee who served with dedication in developing the NAMIC Merit Award in 1973. The committee established objectives to help individuals set personal goals nearer to their potential.

Qualification for the award requires the accumulation of 100 points. Complete details on point accumulation and certification are listed in the application.

Upon payment of nominal annual dues, award recipients are enrolled as members of the NAMIC Merit Society and are eligible to attend society meetings and receive attendant benefits as determined by the Society's Board of Directors.

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