NAMIC Supports Stronger Confidentiality Provisions in Massachusetts

NAMIC Supports Stronger Confidentiality Provisions in Massachusetts

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies offered testimony to the Joint Committee on Financial Services in support of H. 882 and H. 879, concerning the confidentiality provisions related to supervisory colleges and financial examinations. While supporting these bills, NAMIC urged the committee to add language to the legislation that would allow Massachusetts to share confidential and privileged information only with states that have substantially similar confidentiality laws and which agree, in writing, not to disclose such information.

“The language we are recommending comes from an NAIC model and would help ensure that confidential information will only be provided to states with laws as robust as those here in Massachusetts,” said John Murphy, NAMIC’s state affairs director for the Northeast region.

Testimony on H. 882 can be found here.
Testimony on H. 879 can be found here.


Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director, State & Policy Affairs