House Floor Debate Bill H.R. 4667


In the face of a rising number of severe disasters, NAMIC set out several years ago to lead and launch a new effort to work towards new federal policies that would make America’s home and businesses more resilient while drastically reforming the way in which our country prepares for disasters.  Through your participation in NAMIC’s Congressional Contact Program, as well as through the work of the NAMIC-led BuildStrong Coalition, we have been educating key members of Congress for years about the life- and cost-saving power of pre-disaster mitigation and resilient construction. 

On December 21, moments before the House of Representatives passed a disaster aid package that contained the reform package we have been calling for, two leaders of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee rose on the House floor to speak in strong support of our reforms.  Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., Chairman of the Committee, and Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., head of a key subcommittee and author of the Disaster Recovery Reform Act, discussed the importance of pre-disaster mitigation and resilient building standards, and pointed to the fact that every $1 spent on preparing for catastrophes can save between $4 and $8 in their aftermath. 

Thanks to you, the message we have delivered in countless offices over the years - of shifting from a post disaster reaction to a pre disaster mitigation effort - made it to the floor of the United States House of Representatives and pending U.S. Senate action in the coming days, may well become the law of the land. 


Andrew Huff
Federal Affairs Director