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Matt Brady

Matt Brady
Senior Director
Media and Federal Advocacy Communications

Telephone: 202.580.6742

Lisa Floreancig

Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director
State Affairs

Telephone: 317.876.4246

Statement from Christian J. Rataj
Senior Director, State Affairs – West Region
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

Re: NAMIC Supports Hawaii’s Proposed Workers’ Compensation, Auto Insurance Medication Pricing Legislation

“The proposed workers’ compensation and auto insurance medication legislation, SB 2365, SD2, makes it less profitable for those who want to game the system. These individuals stand to reap unconscionable profits by relabeling, repackaging, and/or compounding drugs so that they can circumvent standard medical pricing of medications that are in place to protect consumers from medication pricing fraud.

“NAMIC has submitted written testimony supporting this legislation because it is a reasonable and balanced consumer-protection legislative proposal. If passed, the bill will help create appropriate pharmaceutical cost-containment controls necessary to prevent the ever-increasing cost of medications from adversely impacting the affordability of workers’ compensation insurance for small businesses and their employees, and the cost of state-mandated automobile insurance coverage for consumers.”

Lisa Floreancig
Director of Public Affairs, State & Policy Affairs