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Matt Brady

Matt Brady
Senior Director
Media and Federal Advocacy Communications

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Lisa Floreancig

Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director
State Affairs

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Statement from Christian J. Rataj
Senior Director – State Affairs, West Region
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

Re: NAMIC Opposes Proposed Amendment to Hawaii’s Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Schedule Legislation

“NAMIC submitted written testimony in opposition to HB 1974, which authorizes the director to annually update the medical fee schedule and establish a maximum allowable medical fee schedule ceiling that exceeds the 110 percent of fees rate prescribed in the Medicare Resource Based Relative Value Scale.

“NAMIC expressed concerns with the proposed legislation to the House Committee on Labor and Public Employment because it is unnecessary and likely to adversely impact the affordability of workers’ compensation insurance for employers, which could detrimentally affect the ability of individuals to secure gainful employment in the state of Hawaii and the state’s overall economic vitality.”


Lisa Floreancig
Director of Public Affairs, State & Policy Affairs