NAMIC Opposes Gun Liability Measure Before D.C. City Council

Statement From Erin Collins
State Affairs Manager
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
Re: the Firearm Insurance Amendment Act of 2013.

“NAMIC delivered testimony today to the Washington, D.C. City Council asking them to reject B20-170, the Firearm Insurance Amendment Act of 2013.”

“B20-170 would require gun owners to obtain liability insurance that would cover both negligent and willful acts involving the use of a firearm. While we understand the intent of the bill may be to reduce the incidence of gun violence and provide compensation for victims, we do not believe this bill would achieve either goal.”

“Liability insurance covers negligence. It does not cover criminal or intentional acts. With regard to guns, liability insurance would cover accidental events and injuries, but not an intentional use of a weapon to inflict harm. In much the same way that a person would not be covered by their auto insurance if they chose to run someone down with their car, a person is not covered by insurance if they choose to hurt someone with a gun.”

Matt Brady
Director - Federal Public Affairs