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Matt Brady

Matt Brady
Senior Director
Media and Federal Advocacy Communications

Telephone: 202.580.6742

Lisa Floreancig

Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director
State Affairs

Telephone: 317.876.4246

Statement of Christian J. Rataj
State Affairs Manager
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

NAMIC Submits Written Testimony in Opposition to Wyoming Bill That Could Turn Every Minor Insurance Dispute Into an Unfair Trade Practices Act Claim

“NAMIC is actively opposing SF 59, Insurance-Consumer Protections, because the proposed legislation is unnecessary, excessive, and likely to encourage and facilitate the filing of frivolous lawsuits.

“NAMIC is concerned that this pro-plaintiff attorney legislation could adversely impact the affordability of insurance coverage and delay the adjusting of insurance claims. The proposed legislation states that ‘it shall be an unfair and deceptive act in the practice of insurance for an insurer to fail to comply with any of the terms or conditions of a contract or policy or contracts or policies with a frequency which indicates a general business practice of failure to comply with the terms....’ The bill goes on to create ambiguity as to whether a mere two alleged violations of any of the terms and conditions of the policy would constitute an unfair and deceptive act.”

Contact: Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director - State & Policy Affairs